Will Spreader Grafts Prevent Bones and Cartilage from Shifting?

Correction of the Crooked Nose Using Custom-Made High-Density Porous Polyethylene Extended Spreader Grafts? I found this in an article while reading online about my condition. I understand the cartilage and bones have memory and may shift back to the original position. While this fight that effect? Is it something a lot of surgeons use? Thanks!

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Spreader graft material and function

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Spreader grafts are placed underneath the upper lateral cartilages to keep them held outward. To restraighten the nasal pyramid, both medial and lateral osteotomies need to be performed and when executed properly, the nose should remain straight. Spreader grafts are used to bolster outwards the upper lateral cartilage where it is concave, pushing down into the airway. This is referred to as valve collapse and vestibular stenosis. We always recommend that spreader grafts be done from the patient’s own cartilage, not synthetic materials.

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Implants for spreader grafts.

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I don't think many doctors are using implants for spreader grafts. Cartilage from the septum is the best. As a general rule, you don't want to be the first patient having the newest procedure. Better to wait and make sure it's going to work. 

Words of Caution From the USA

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Dear Canadian friend,

Don't slide down the slippery slope of being hung up on technology.

Non-human implants/parts can be great, but your condition does not sound simple and therefore much thought and care must be exercised.

Do you know if your nose is crooked because of a deviated septum? If so, perhaps fixing that would be wise.

Synthetic parts can be great but always carry some risk. Particularly if other surgery is done at the same time, they can slip and slide.

Best advise: consult with someone who is a rhinoplasty supespecialist. The correction of the crooked nose is always challenging and you need a battle-hardened veteran holding the knife. The ones who have seen it all and done it all.

There are several such in Canada, of course.  Be glad to give you the names if desired.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Robert Kotler, MD
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Spreader grafts

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Autolotogus spreader grafts are probably best.  I have no experience with this porous synthetic grafts.Spreadr grafts are used for two reasons, 1) to improve breathing, and 2) to camouflage asymmetries or improve curvatures.

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Spreader Grafts Prevent Bones and Cartilage from Shifting

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Self Spreader grafts are the norm in the States, using artificial materials is not the usual. And the shifting will occur more commonly with these non self grafts. 

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