Is It True That Your Pubic Area Can Get Pulled Way Up when You Get a Tt?

i mean abnormally stretched up toward your belly so that it looks really big. if not, are there any physical changes to that area?

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Elevating the pubic area

Elevating the pubic area can be more aesthetically pleasing.  This needs to be discussed with your surgeon, they can give you an idea as to how high the pubic area will be elevated.  The surgeon can control the height to a certain degree.

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Is It True That Your Pubic Area Can Get Pulled Way Up when You Get a Tt?

No, not really, it depends upon many options that can be discussed in a in person evaluation with a boarded PS. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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The pubic area is usually elevated to some degree after a tummy tuck

Usually it makes the pubic area look better since most people who get a tummy tuck have loose skin of the tummy which also transitions into loose skin in the pubic area.  The degree of elevation of the pubic area can be tempered by the suturing technique.  

Dev Wali, MD
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Tummy Tuck and its effects on the pubic area

There are several ways in which tummy tuck affects the pubic area.  A sleek new tummy will make the pubic area look bigger in comparison.  The pubic area can be pulled upwards by a tummy tuck, although your surgeon can minimize this with several techniques, and can demonstrate for you before surgery how significant the effect will be.  Functionally, some women will get relief from stress/laugh incontinence following tummy tuck, because the elevation of the Mons can improve the control of urinary flow.  Many of our massive weight-loss patients elect to have a reduction of their pubic area at the time of tummy tuck.  A discussion of these issues may be an important part of your consultation.

Michael Kreidstein, MD
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Pubic area after tummy tuck

As we are pulling the abdominal skin down it will also pull the pubic skin up. It will always happen to some degree, but with deep tissue suturing it can be minimized. I have yet to have a complaint about this.

Neal Goldberg, MD
Westchester Plastic Surgeon
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Anchoring sutures

Thank you for your post. It is not common for surgeons to anchor the lower incision to the fascia or covering of the abdominal muscles to keep the scar low, however, I do use this technique and agree with it. All the tension on the incision is from above, not below, and thus the scar tends to move toward the area of maximal tension (towards the ribs/bellybutton). This moves the scar higher than desired. I like to keep my scars very low, and feel that anchoring the scar helps accomplish this. The following photo is an example of this.

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Upward migration of pubic area with abdominoplasty

There can be some upward positioning of the pubic area with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), however with careful planning and appropriate suturing of the deeper tissues (anchoring a stronger portion of the abdominal flap), this can be minimized.  A little upward movement of the pubic area can represent a rejuvenating effect in the area. This needs to be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon before the procedure. Good luck

Jerry Lugger, MD
Southlake Plastic Surgeon
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Raised Pubic Hairlinen After Tummy Tuck

I think its important to put as much distance between the belly button and bikini-line scar. This naturally keeps the hairline low, and can be accomplished with careful planning of the incisions and an understanding before surgery of how much the pubic skin and hair is likely to stretch upward.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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