Is It True That Anesthia Changes the Chemical Make-up of Your Body? (photo)

I am 28, and want to undergo rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and get a chin implant. Since all of these procedures are costly I was considering getting them at different times. In undergrad I had my neuropsych teacher tell me that undergoing anesthia changes the chemical make-up of your body and that you should try and go under as few times as possible in your life time, is this accurate? Would you recommend getting all the surgeries at once? Also, would neck lipo be neccessary to get best results?

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Neck lift and rhinoplasty chin implant

 General anesthesia provides a temporary loss of consciousness  while the surgery is being performed. It  does not change the chemical makeup of your body. It is acceptable to undergo several procedures at one time in order  to have one anesthesia and one recovery time. For best results in this case, consideration for a neck lift, small chin implant and rhinoplasty would all greatly improve the profile shown in the picture. Virtual cosmetic surgery software is available our website for you to try out  to see what your results might look like.

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