Is It True That Not All Breasts Can Be Lifted As High As One Would Like Them to Be? (photo)

I simply wanted my deflated D's to be lifted and perky D's. I was having many problems filling out bras, and I just wanted to look my age, not my gramma's.I told my PS that I didn't want to look like a porn star-I just wanted young perky boobs. Now I have widespread DDD porn star boobs! Finding a bra and fitting into clothes is more of a hassle than ever! I'm afraid to tell him that I am unhappy.I don't know if he will fix them cuz he says they are as high as they can be, & that they r good size

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Not all breasts can be Lifted?

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I agree with your PS, the results that you show look to be very good depending on your pre-op appearance. You have lower set Breasts on your chest and the anatomically they can not be set any higher. I smaller implant may make you feel perkier! Just your anatomy.

Anatomic limits on breast lift result

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The only thing I would add to the comments above is the observation that you have a low breast 'footprint' - the top of your breast starts low on your chest wall. There is no way to alter this anatomic fact. The breast cannot be lifted above its natural footprint on the chest wall. I think your result is about as good as it gets for your type of anatomy.

Limitations of Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

There are definite limits of what breast lifting can achieve for certain patients. If a patient has lost significant skin elasticity then it can be very challenging to keep breast implants and/or breast tissue as “high” as  patients wish them to be. Sometimes it is possible to use the breast implant capsule around the breast implants to support the breast lift;  sometimes even these measures are not successful and patients end up with breasts/implants too low on the chest wall.

I would suggest that you continue to communicate your  questions/concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Limits of Combined Breast Lifting with Implants

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What he is saying is definitelty true. Based on the degree of sagging that exists, it can be very hard to not only get them high but also very difficult to keep them there as the tissues settle and relax. Adding volume through implants is done to help fill out the loose skin and give a better shape and there is a tendency to go bigger with implants to help fill out the loose skin. While you have not shown any pictures as to what you looked like before surgery, your result is not unreasonable. It could be improved by changing to smaller implants and doing another lift.

Breast lift not high enough

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The firmness of the breast lift will depend on the elasticity and quality of the supporting skin, and generally the nipple is set at the mid point of the upper arm, front and center as yours is. It is possible to improve your result by reducing the size of the implant, and perhaps by revising the lift pattern, though there are limits.

How much can a Breastlift achieve?

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There are limits to how much "lift" a mastopexy or breastlift can achieve.  Generally, the nipple will be repositioned over the breast mound.  The soft tissue skin envelope of the breast usually provides the support for the repositioned tissue.  The soft tissues will stretch to some extent, however, and fullness of the upper part of the breast may  diminish within months.  The nipple will usually stay repositioned, however.  The quality of soft tissues and skin laxity vary with every patient and results will therefore vary. Your best bet would be to followup with your plastic surgeon for further evaluation and tell him how you feel to see if anything further can be done.  

Stephen Delia, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Is It True That Not All Breasts Can Be Lifted As High As One Would lIke

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Yes, that is true. The breasts can be situated higher or lower on the chest wall, and can be closer or further apart, and those positions cannot be changed.

The nipple and areola seem properly positioned-- the bottom of the areola should be even with or slightly higher than the breast fold. The implants can't be in a different position than are the breasts. Yours are rather low set, and further apart as compared with some other women. I would not discourage you from discussing your disappointment with your surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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