Is It True That After a Brazilain Buttlift if You Gain Weight It Will Not Go to Lipo'ed Areas?

I have heard from 1 or 2 doctors that after brazilian butt lift surgery if there is any weight gain it most likely will go to the grafting areas and probably not so much in the lipo'ed this true? I have lost 75% of the fat (not exaggerating) and i was thinking about gaining some weight to have it back, but am afraid i will go back to square one. I dont want the lipo areas to gain weight again. Any thoughts on this?

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Weight Gain after Surgery

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If you were to gain weight after a liposuction procedure, the fat can come back. You will gain weight in areas like you normally would. With liposuction, all of the fat is not removed so there are still fat cells that can multiply with weight gain.

Weight Gain In Liposuctioned Area

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Hello. If you gain weight, all areas in your body with fat will gain weight. You still have some remaining fat cells in your liposuctioned areas, but not as many as before. Because of this, you will gain some weight in those areas, but not as much as areas like your buttocks, which have more fat cells.

Normally, 30%-40% of the injected fat is absorbed by the body. If you have lost 75% of the fat like you say, you may need another surgery to improve the results as I would never recommend intentional weight gain.

Jaime Perez, MD
Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

After a BBL is it true that if you gain weight it will not go the the donor liposuctioned areas?

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After  a BBL the fat donor sites, just as after any liposuction, the areas still retain fat cells. All the fat cellls are not removed. Therefore, ahould you gain weight these areas may also increase in size because of residual cell. If you lost a significant amount of fat, then I would recommend another fat transplantation. In my experience the second grafting almost always works. Good luck!

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