Vaginal rejuvenation in post menopausal woman?

I'm 61, just heard about Thermiva treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Supposed to treat some mild stress incontinence, improve vaginal dryness, improve vaginal circulation and heighten orgasm? If these claims are accurate, is their a ( board certified) specialist would that be gyn, plastics, urology) in metro Detroit area that does this? And what is the cost for procedure(s)?
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Vaginal rejuvenation in post menopausal woman?

You are right about all the things that you have learned about ThermiVa. We have had great success in treating vaginal dryness, mild stress urinary incontinence, while improving orgasm and vaginal tightening with the procedure. I am located in North Dallas and we have patients fly in and fly out the same day for the procedure. I would refer you to the website below to see if there is a provider more local. The cost with my office is $3000-$3500 for a total of 3 treatments, set a month apart. Best wishes.

ThermiVA Post Menopausal Woman

ThermiVa is the ideal treatment for women who are post menopausal. In fact, the majority of patients we treat are in the beginning stages of menopause or are post menopausal. ThermiVa treats most of the symptoms women experience during this change including vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, more pleasurable sexual relations, etc. An added benefit is that ThermiVa also helps with sagging and overall looseness of the vagina

Jenny Weyler, MD
Worcester Physician
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Vaginal rejuvenation in post menopausal women

Yes all of the details you listed are accurate and ThermiVa is a great option for many post-post-menopasal women. The majority of our patients who come in seeking ThermiVa would fit this category. If you are looking to find a doctor in a specific area, the best place to look would be on the main Thermi web site. Link is below. You can search areas for doctors here. 

Ginger Isom-Batz, MD
Dallas Urologist
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ThermiVa Patient: "I went from the desert to the rain forest"

Check out this quick video to learn even more things ThermiVa can do to improve vaginal function and form and improve your confidence.  Se the ThermiVa website to locate a provide near you.

Hope to see you soon...

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa, menopause, & vaginal rejuvenation

Themiva is a wonderful procedure for vaginal tightening for vaginal laxity, stress urinary urgency, orgasmic dysfunction, labial reduction. ThermiVA is the latest technology for vaginal rejuvenation without surgery, or downtime. The excellent results from Thermiva has been supported by studies, patient testimonial, and numerous reviews. In our certified center, those that are not candidates for ThermiVa are offered other options such as labialplasty or vaginoplasty during the confidential consultation.

As a certified ThermiVA trainer in the Atlanta area, I have trained many doctors on how to safely use ThermiVA and we have the most experience with ThermiVA in Georgia. ThermiVA is safe. It is a non-surgical temperature controlled vaginal tightening device using radiofrequency (RF) energy. ThermiVA is performed in the office using only local anesthesia. There is no need for sedation or general anesthesia, but available if requested. ThermiVA uses the same technology as ThermTight and ThermiSmooth, which has been used for years in other areas to reduce the effects of aging such as the face, neck, arms, and abdomen.

For those looking for vaginal tightening procedures, its better to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon and offered the correct treatment for the problem. ThermiVA is one of the tools we offer. I agree, "if all you have is a hammer..... everything looks like a nail" Do your homework to make sure your plastic surgeon offers other options for your problem and is experienced with RF technology.

However, your best plastic surgeon has the experience, training, and results that relates to you. Do your research and find a real Plastic Surgeon and book a paid consultation. Free consults are just a sales pitch and does not work in your best interest. People always say “you get what you pay for”. This is very true in Plastic Surgery.

Below are other criteria to use when selecting a Plastic surgeon.

Questions to ask your potential plastic surgeon (Answering NO is a big red flag)

1) Are you a plastic surgeon? (You should research the differences between cosmetic surgeon & plastic surgeon. Make sure that your plastic surgeon is a trained surgeon! You may be surprised)
2) Are you board certified in Plastic Surgery? (Board certified in what? You are looking for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are many boards and some are fake. Make sure that the certifying board is a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association.)
3) Will the procedure be performed at a fully accredited & certified procedure room or ambulatory surgery center, or hospital
4) Do you have hospital privilege to perform the same procedure you do in the office? Which Hospital?
5) Do you offer complication insurance. How do you handle complications and revision (it does happen, it better to be safe)

The most important decision is to do your homework well. Good luck.

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa for Post Menopausal Women

Hi and thank you for your question.
We have had our patients report significant improvements in mild to moderate stress and urge incontinence even after the 1st treatment. We do recommend 3 treatments one month apart.
In addition, even after the 1st treatment, our patients report significantly increase in lubrication and sensation, as well as tightness both internally and externally.
Our cost is currently 3 treatments for $4000.

Dr. Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Vaginal rejuvenation

Although there is risk with any procedure there is very little risk of excessive scar tissue or desensitization with the FemiLift, Mona Lisa or ThermiVa devices. FemiLift™ and Mona Lisa™ procedures use CO2 laser technology and the ThermiVa™ uses RF (radiofrequency) to shrink vaginal tissue and increase lubrication if dryness is a problem. The tightening is often sufficient to improve or correct urinary stress incontinence and/or mild cystoceles. The procedure is done in office and requires little or no post procedure down time.
The advantages are :
  • Minimally invasive, virtually painless procedure
  • Gentle treatment for controlled safety and accuracy
  • Maximum precision with Alma CO2 laser, the right wavelength and perfect pulse
  • Fast and efficient delivery of fractionated laser energy split into micro pixels
  • No post treatment downtime
  • Excellent patient satisfaction and long term success The Disadvantage of the FemiLift and MonaLisa is that is is only for vaginal treatment whereas the ThermiVa RF device can be used to shrink the labia minora as well and is more comfortable. These procedures cannot narrow the vaginal canal as much as a vaginoplasty surgery

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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These claims are accurate.

Your question highlights the important uses of ThermiVa technology.   It is an ideal treatment for patients with the issues you discussed.  

Patients are seeing improvement in stress and urge incontinence both as well as vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, and sexual/orgasmic dysfunction.

The ThermiVa website has a listing of physician who provide ThermiVa procedures.  

ThermiVa costs $3000-$4500 for a series of three treatments.  

Natalie Drake, MD
The Woodlands OB/GYN
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Thermiva for vagina and labiaplasty

#Thermiva for vagina and l#abiaplasty
Themiva has been demonstrated to improve vaginal dryness, improve vaginal circulation and heighten orgasm.
Check on the Real Self or ASAPS physician locater to find a doctor in your area

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Vaginal rejuvenation in post menopausal woman?

ThermiVA is a radio frequency based device that is NOT APPROVED FOR INTERNAL VAGINAL USE.. This technology is not able to raise tissue temperatures sufficiently to promote new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis), which is necessary for any lasting results. It has been shown that Neocollagenesis occurs ONLY when the tissues are heated to 60-70C. ThermiVa absolutely does not heat tissues to 60-70C, but only achieves perhaps 45-50 degrees Celsius. By heating the vaginal lining tissues, ThermiVa causes swelling, or edema. There is no scientific basis that supports the notion of ThermiVa producing long lasting results Fractional laser devices, such as Femi Lift by Alma lasers, actually have been shown through rigorous scientific study, to promote Neocollagenesis by heating the vaginal lining tissues to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, Femi Lift also causes fractional ablation of the vaginal lining, resulting in regrowth of a thicker and more youthful vaginal lining. In my practice we have treated dozens of patients with Femi Lift and I have nor seen a single treatment failure. Furthermore, most, if not all of my stress urinary incontinence patients (mild to moderate severity) have completely resolved their SUI. Lastly many have posted that ThermiVa is a "newer" technology. That is just patently untrue. Fractional CO2 laser technology was first used clinically in the early 2000's. Radio frequency has been in use since the 1980's and the external application (like ThermiVa) was how RF was first used. People, do your homework and do not trust those who are untruthful!

Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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