What is the "O" Shot? And cost, in Midwest? Should it be performed by board certified Ob/Gyn? Cost of procedure?

I completed a series of 3 Thermiva tx 2 months ago, and for first time in my 61 yrs, I'm able to have vaginal orgasms with an ejaculate! Another doctor, on this forum, recommend the "O" shot to enhance these fabulous Thermiva results? My Thermiva gyn dr, doesn't perform this procedure, and I've seen ads , but, when I research the Drs, there not gyn's. I'm looking for an experienced gyn who does this procedure in the metro-Detroit area. Also, any sites recommended for me to research this?
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#PRP for vaginal O shot and G shot

Costs for #CosmeticLabiaplasty and #CosmeticFemaleSugery
#Costs will depend upon the specific surgery that is requested, type of anaesthesia, experience of the surgery, and geographic location.
Estimated fees can be found on Real Self, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery websites.

Look up  O shot , G shot   PRP

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O-shot ob/gyn

Thank you for your question. Though I can not recommend a specific ob/gyn to you, there is a website below that will help you search for board certified ob/gyn  doctors in your area that you can call upon to see if they support "O-shots" to their patients.  Hope this helps.

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O-Shot Cost

Congrats on completing your ThermiVa treatments and on your spectacular results so far. At my practice, we highly recommend the combination of ThermiVa + O-Shot procedures to increase results. 

The cost for the O-Shot will vary depending on the provider's experience, demand, location and expertise. Generally speaking, O-Shot procedures should range from $1,500-$2,000, especially with choosing a well-trained Gynecologist specializing in sexual health. At my Dallas based practice, the cost of the procedure is $1,500-$1,800 depending on if it's combined with additional procedures, such as ThermiVa.

Definitely know what you're paying for when you schedule and commit to your procedure. My office includes numbing cream to keep you comfortable during the procedure as well, which has increased patient satisfaction as well.

There is a website you can search O-Shot registered providers and a quick google search will assist with that - but choose experience over location. You'll get what you pay for with any cosmetic procedure, including an O-Shot!

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