Will I need a revision and why are the results getting worse? (photos)

Bottom photo was pre-surgery April 22nd. Middle photo is June 3rd. Top photo is August 5th. The point of the recovery progression & question is "why is the eyelid appearance getting worse and not better"? In my opinion, June 3rd didn't seem too bad. Present day, however, right eye is significantly smaller than the left. The right eye also has a very prominent point in the crease profile line of the eyelid. You can see less of my eye lids now than in June? Will I need a revision?

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Eyelids seem to be getting worse

What you're experiencing is a classic case of eyebrow ptosis (droop)  after upper blepharoplasty. This is typically due to an undiagnosed brow ptosis, which frequently accompanies upper eyelid skin excess. Now that your eyelids are fixed, the brow ptosis is needs addressing. Speak to your plastic surgeon. I would advise that you may need a brow lift, rather than a revision upper blepharoplasty. I wish you the best.

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