5 wks post op mastopexy. Nipple sensitivity?

Hypersensitive right nipple and totally numb left nipple. How long does all this take to equalize? Or, could this be permanent? Probably too early in the healing process. Just want to make sure this is the norm. Will also ask my PS when I see him in 2 weeks.

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The complete absence of sensation of the left nipple is worrisome and can mean that it is permanent. The right nipple hypersensitivity should improve. This can sometimes take a few more weeks to resolve.

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Thank you for your question.  At five weeks post-op, you are correct in saying that it is too early in the healing process.  It can take several months for sensitivity to return.  Please continue to follow the instructions of your surgeon regarding post-op care to ensure the best results.

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Different surgeons use different techniques to perform mastopexy.  It is not uncommon to have hypersensitivity since your breasts have postoperative swelling and that includes the nerves so that should resolve over a few weeks as the swelling resolves.  You should discuss with your PS the situation of a totally numb nipple.  Best of luck in recovery. 

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Hi, canag54.  
Nipple hypersensitivity is common after breast surgery.  It will improve over the next couple months.
The lack of any sensation on left nipple is rare.  It may take a year for sensation to improve. 
Best wishes.

Mastopexy and nipple sensitivity

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It can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to get some sensation back after breast surgery. Often this is related to swelling.   But, it can take up to a year for things to go back to normal.  Best of luck.

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