Trouble Healing Post Mastopexy. Hypertrophic Scarring and Pain?

I had implants replaced with smaller ones, along with mastopexy 6 weeks ago. The vertical part of the lollipop incision has 2-3 cm areas bilaterally that have widened at the dependent area, and have painful hypertrophic scarring or granulation tissue. The ulcer bed seems chronically moist like a wet scab. There aren't any signs of overt infection but wondered what is the best method to help to heal. I've used a Postop bra since surgery but have loose skin and implants have settled already.

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Trouble with healing scars post mastopexy and smaller implant placement

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While you are very much still in the healing process, the mastopexy scars should continue to improve over a course of six months.  First and foremost, if you are a smoker, quit.  Your wounds are not going to improve unless you quit smoking.  If you are not a smoker, do you notice that suture material is poking through your incisions?  If so, see your plastic surgeon for some local wound care to get you through this period when wounds can react to suture material and look inflamed.  Otherwise, your plastic surgeon may want you to begin some local wound care with topical ointments to keep the area clean or grow new tissue.  It's best to address this in your doctor's office and not on-line so that the area has the best chance to heal well.

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