3 Years Post-op: Trouble Breathing, Pain Under Right Breast, Chest Pain & Hand Numbness

If I need an MRI do I need a referral? What kind of MRI do I ask for? The breathing is whats scary, its really affecting me. I had saline breast implants in July 2007, its been about 1 1/2 yrs that I noticed pain on under my my rib cage on the right side, some pain on chest, right hand numbness of two fingers? How serious is this?

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Breathing issues

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Besides needing a referral  for an MRI, if you are having trouble breathing and have hand numbness it sound slikeyou need to see a doctor ASAP.

Trouble breathing = seek immediate consultation or evaluation

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IT sounds as if you should be in an emergency room rather than inquiring online. Trouble breathing is a serious issue that should be evaluated as soon as is possible.

See your Doctor

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There are some things that may be going on that your doctor needs to evaluate.  Go see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible so you can get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Please see your surgeon

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I can feel your pain through the email and you should not be in pain . You need to see your plastic surgeon or another on e to examine you and treat you. MRI is a tool to help your surgeon to come up with the diagnosis and treatment plan. You may have sever capsular contracture.

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