Having Trouble After Chin Augmentation

I am 3 months post of inter oral chin implant. It was a implant tech implant and 6mm in size. I now have crooked lips, longer space between the nose and upper lip. I have pale looking skin patches from the corners of the mouth too the jaw. The middle of my chin looks red. The implant looks crooked although I do feel swollen yet. One side of my face looks drastically different than the other. I do have feeling in my face and lips, slight pain and weird feelings. I am in deep stress.  Any suggestions?

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Three months post op chin augmentation

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It sounds like you need to get an immediate evaluation and second opinion. None of these complaints sound like they will heal with time and it seems from your description that your implant may be improperly placed as well as improperly sized. Find a good surgeon in your area for a second opinion and see him/her as soon as possible to help determine a proper diagnosis and game plan! Best regards!

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