Does TriPollar Use the Same Technology As Cellulaze to Treat Cellulite?

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TriPollar is non invasive technology versus Cellulaze a minor surgical procedure.

No, Tripollar uses radio frequency waves to heat tissue beneath the skin, whereas Cellulaze utilizes a laser (light source) to cut through connective tissue bundles beneath the skin using a small fiber inserted under the skin, as well as melting some fat under the skin. Tripollar is completely non-invasive, meaning no physical device enters or passes through the skin, while Cellulaze is an invasive or minor surgical procedure which involves passing a fiber beneath the skin.

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Does TriPollar Use the Same Technology As Cellulaze to Treat Cellulite?

Talk about "pollar" opposites. One is a real operation the other is a external heating to the skin. One has scientific theory while the other is a hope. In other words CELLULAZE is for real in and as the only FDA cleared treatment for cellulite. Tripollar is a non event. Regards Dr. B, MIAMI 

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Cellulaze is the only surgical treatment of cellulite currently available

Cellulaze technology is based on the SmartLipo platform and a surgical treatment of the very nature of cellulite.

All other treatments available currently are external, non surgical laser, radio frequency, massage, or the combination of the above.  There is currently no other treatment available like Cellulaze.

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