I have 5 missing teeth in total due mainly to bad dentist work and wanted to know the cost of dental implants for such? (photo)

I have 5 missing teeth in total as a result of bad dentist work. A upper left front cuspid along with the two premolars (1st +2nd bicuspid), lower left 1st bicuspid and upper right 2nd bicuspid. I would like to know the total cost to make my mouth perfect, I am coming from Trinidad??? Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

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Five missing teeth

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First of all thank you for your question:You will need to be properly evaluated clinically and radiographically (3D image) first to determine the extent of treatment need. This is very important because in some situations you will require additional treatment for implants to be place. Now a days there are different surgical techniques and technologies available that will ensure a better result. Please visit an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist with experience that could provide you with different alternatives and the possibility of doing sedation for your particular case. Thank you and good Luck!!

Dental Implants

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Before considering dental implants, I would have a thorough periodontal evaluation to rule out gum disease as well as an orthodontic consultation to explore the possibilities. Keep in mind that once dental implants are placed, orthodontic movement becomes more challenging since natural teeth can move but dental implants will remain in their original position permanently. Having said that, to address your specific question, if only implants are to be proposed, $20k-25k would be a range that you can take seriously for high quality work.

Cost of Dental Implants

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There is no way to provide an exact price quote without taking a CT scan to look at the state of your mouth. Each patient is unique,  before determining treatment we would have to consider the condition of the gums as well as the bone under the gum before discussing the price of the dental implant procedure that would be best for you. Generally speaking, dental implants can cost around $4,500.00 per tooth replacement and $25,0000 to replace a full jawline.

Alyson Koslow, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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