How Can I Get My Desired Results of A Triangular Nose? Meaning, Wider on Top, With a Small Nose Tip.

The skin on my nostrils is thick and one side of my nostrils hangs down more than the other. And the bottom part of my nose i.e. nose tip and nostrils are wider than the top part of my nose, the area between the eyes (if you measure from eye to eye) I would like to have a nose similar to Alessandra Ambrosio where top part of nose is bigger and nose tip is small. Please suggest any surgeries I may need. I really want to research about nose surgery techniques. Thanks a lot.

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Rhinoplasty and how to get results you want

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A photograph is necessary to do any type of accesment and certainly a consultation with full physical examination is necessary to tell you if you could have a similar desirable result as Alessandra. Each patients preoperative anatomy differs and it is important to match your nasal anatomy to that of your facial features to give you an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking nose like Alessandra. It does appear by photographs that Ms. Ambrosio does have a slight degree of nostril asymmetry and she may have had rhinoplasty surgery with weirs or nostril reduction or she may just be a natural beauty. The beauty of her nose is that it matches her facial features perfectly. The perfect nose looks as if you were born with it and is natural in appearance to your features. If you would like to send some photographs to my website listed below I would be happy to review them and do a computer imaging on them as to what my expert opinion would be on a proposed surgical result. Best regards!

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Seeking Detailed Rhinoplasty Results

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I love patients that are this specific about the nasal shape they desire. Through a virtual consult your surgeon should be able to look at numerous images of your or via SKYPE, be able to tell you what steps are necessary. Sounds like at minimum you require very expert tip shaping (the hardest part of a rhinoplasty) and spreader grafts to widen the bridge.  Make sure your surgeon has a variety of different nose types and not a cookie cutter results gallery (where a lotof the noses or profiles look the same). Also, you may benefit further form visiting an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist who are best adept to handle nostril issues and meticulous custom tip shaping. 

Best of luck

Dr Ghavami

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Hard to fully explain without photographs, but your rhinoplasty may have some limitations.

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Dear Swanlake2012;

If one side of your nostril hangs down more than the other, that is an important issue.  If the nose tip and nostrils are wider than the top part of the nose, there may not be a major change that can be affected.  You do not want the tip to be too small, and there may be limitations because of the skin thickness.  It is time to do a lot of homework.  You need to look at a lot of pre- and postoperative photographs on various websites.  Make sure you understand the anatomy.  The one thing that a lot of people do not realize is that if the nostril walls are thick, that is a serious limitation on how much the tip can be narrowed.  And nostril narrowing itself does not necessarily compensate for the thickness of the walls of the nostrils.

Perhaps you should resubmit a question with your photos and my colleagues and I can give you an even more enlightening response.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
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Robert Kotler, MD
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Plans for rhinoplasty

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It's impossible to make suggestions without a photo. You obviously have given this a lot of thought - which is a good thing. It's always good when patients are specific with what they want to change. Now you have to see some surgeons to make sure that it is possible to make the changes you want. Good luck.

Rhinoplasty goals

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Performing a rhinoplasty and offering suggestions about what can be done is best performed in person.  It is hard to say without even seeing photos.

Steven Wallach, MD
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