Is Massage or Ultrasound Necessary After Smart Lipo?

I am considering doing smartlipo in my inner and outer thights, and I have consulted two different doctors. One doc told me he will have triactive smooth the areas that he will treat with the laser, the other doctor is not including any massage/ultrasound after surgery.Which one should I prefer?

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Massage or ultrasound necessary after Smart Lipo

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As the National Smart Lipo Instructor I always recommend "LYMPHATIC MASSAGE" following Smart Lipo. It helps with the healing and contouring. I recommend 5 sessions that are not included in the fees for the operation. But of more concern is which type of doctor is preforming the operation (a plastic surgeon vs others), which model of Smart Lipo is being used (18 watt vs MPX 35 watt)?

From Miami Dr. Blinski

External massage or ultrasound after lipo is an option, not a must

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most liposuction patients do not need external devices postoperatively but some can benefit by this treatment. You can always search out the treatment later if your surgeon doesn't do these.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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