Tretinoin, Can I Use an Oil Free Moisturizer AFTER Medication is Thoroughly Absorbed?

I have heard that the doage in tretinoin makes little to no difference in effectiveness, just added irritation the higher the dose. Is this true?Thought moisturizer helps with wrinkles and acne can i use it?Have gross, hard to look at face;want it as wrinkle and acne free as possible? Was on a 3 step Anti-Aging and Adult Acne Regimen cleanser, treatment and moisturizer. (NOT "proactive" or such).Upon bringing all to dermatologist, he prescribed tretinoin.He is away.I am here w/ ?'s need help!

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Tretinoin and moisturizer

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You can certainly apply moisturizer after Tretinoin. This is especially good if you get extremely dry or peel from the Tretinoin product itself. It's not that there's no difference in effectiveness - but it's just that some people don't need as high of a dosage and it can be more irritating the higher the number, but definitely not always. It depends on the formulation.

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