Can I get laser treatment or dermabrasion or other treatments in order to fade away butt implant scar?

What the best way to insert butt implants ? Two incisions one on each cheek or one in the middle ? Also can get laser or dermabrasion to get rid of the scar ? I don't want any scar tissue !! Please help

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Best technique for butt implants

Thank you for your question about butt implant technique. For the butt implant procedure, I prefer the two-incision approach on either side of the inter-gluteal crease in the intramuscular layer. I have found that this approach reduces the risk of postoperative infection as compared to the one incision approach. The one incision approach utilizes an area called the pre-sacral fascia which is much thinner and there is less blood flow. This makes the one-incision approach more prone to opening up into a wound because there is less vascularity and more tension. 

I would suggest to wait several weeks after your surgery to get the dermabrasion on that area, so that you can allow the skin to heal naturally on its own first. 

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