I had gingival flap surgery 6 weeks ago. Should I be concern about the new swelling and bleeding?

My teeth were capped 8 years ago and ever since I had constant swelling. My dentist believe the caps were placed " too high". I am getting the caps re done, so composite was place in the exposed area to avoid the gums from dropping.Healing was going great until last week when my gums became swollen and bleeding all of the sudden. My periodontist doesn't seem to be concern? Should I be concerned?

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Gingival Flap Surgery

Hi there, thank you for your question. Anytime you have bleeding and swelling to the gums, especially after a periodontal procedure, it should be closely monitored by your periodontist and given a diagnosis as to why the bleeding and swelling is occurring. Healthy gums should not have bleeding or swelling, so please visit your periodontist once again and have him/her explain to you the reasons why. Best of luck!

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