How many FUT transplants would I need for my MPB? (photo)

I am 37 and have started to experience thinning about 12 years ago. It hasn't gotten much worse over the years but it is a clear case of MPB. I went to get a consult today and just wanted another doctors opinion. He recommends 2500 grafts but a minimum of 1800 if I opted for less, which would not be enough to fill in the crown. I'm looking for suggestions on the minimal and optimal amount of grafts to make it worthwhile.

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Photos cannot assess if you would be a "good" candidate for surgery. Usually this involves seeing a doctor in person.

Photos cannot assess if you would be a "good" candidate for surgery.  Usually this involves seeing a doctor in person.

You have to explain to the doctor what you consider a "worthwhile" result.  Some may be extremely happy with 1800 grafts.  Some may be very disappointment with 1800 grafts for the same area and same hair loss.

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How many FUT transplants would I need for my MPB?

Organic Hair Transplantation” is based on injection of a mixture containing adipose derived stem cells obtained from own fat tissue of the patient to the scalp of the patient. The recipient area gets rejuvenated and the viability of transplanted grafts is increased with the effects of adipose derived stem cell injection. The injection of adipose derived stem cells also provides a better work area for the surgeon.

Loss of hair is a natural process when it is between the limits that the body can restore them. When the capacity of the body to restore the hair loss is beaten by the excessive hair loss then we can name this situation something that should be treated.

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How many grafts

Depending on the shape and height of the desired new hairline, 1800 to 2500(or more) grafts are  not unreasonable with all the work in the frontal  and mid scalp. Avoid a juvenile hairline design.  The first procedure in the baldest area should have the most density as possible. Don't do the crown until it is balder. Plan on having future work.  Consider taking  finasteride. 

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How many grafts

You will probably have to restore your frontal area with about 1500 or so grafts. I can't tell from your pictures enough to give you a more accurate statement. The crown is thinning and transplants may kick out hair when placing them in the crown. I would consider scalp micropigmentation for the crown (see below)

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I would recommend getting a second, or even a third opinion regarding the graft numbers. A good consultation with a hair restoration surgeon will discuss with you the non surgical options such as preventative medications to help slow the progression of hair loss. It isn't just about the number of grafts you need initially, your donor situation needs to be evaluated, as well as evaluation of your native hair to see where you will progress over time, and do you have enough donor to cover what your expectations are. 

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Accurate Graft Estimate for Hair Transplantation

With today's video conference technology like Skype and Facetime, it is easier than ever before to get an accurate long-distance estimate for hair transplantation and a detailed "Master Plan" for the long-term. If all you got was a graft-estimate, your doctor did not provide a "master plan"--which is critical for long-term success for treating male pattern hair loss. At your age, hair loss is likely to continue, so the consistent use of medical treatments like Formula 82M minoxidil, Finasteride, Laser Therapy and PRP should enter the discussion--especially if you want your existing non-transplanted hair to be part of the solution and not part of the problem!  The amount of grafting a patient needs is determined by the size of the area you need restored and the density required for adequate coverage.  Hairstyle, hair/skin color, hair curl/wave, etc. are all factors requiring consideration.  Remember that minimally-invasive FUE Follicular Unit Extraction with NeoGraft or ARTAS leaves absolutely no linear scar and has been proven to have a shorter, more comfortable and less restricted downtime than a linear or strip-harvest FUT procedure. Seek advice from an ABHRS-certified hair doctor who performs hair transplant full-time and has a full-time hair transplant staff--not a 'visiting' team. Look for a hair transplant specialist that is an active Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS), accepted by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), and has long years of experience and expertise in specializing in the delicate art of hair transplantation. It's critical to find a credentialed SPECIALIST in hair, 100% involved with your procedure, and not someone who has simply added hair transplants to his menu of varied cosmetic services by bringing in a team of techs.  Sincerely, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, MD, FISHRS, ABHRS - Bauman Medical - Hair Restoration since 1997.

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How many grafts do I need?

I don't think I can give you any sort of meaningful estimate based on two photos which do not clearly demonstrate the true extent of your hair loss. While I think another opinion is always a good idea when considering any type of elective surgery, I would recommend that you get that second opinion from a doctor who can evaluate you in person.

Thanks for your question--I hope this was helpful.

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