Is this capsular contraction? (photos)

After breast implants were put in I had a hole that leaked blood a few days. Doctor said it was a pimple he popped. The entire side filed with blood and was bruised. It finally healed and stopped bleeding. Now I have strange appearance to skin. ..... It seems thicker and raised..... Not sure if it's stretchmarks or skin still healing. I read bleeding under skin can cause capsular contraction and now worried. My doctor won't be back for another week so I can't contact him.

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Doesn't look like capsular contracture

I recommend you see your surgeon for a physical examination. It doesn't appear to be capsular contracture, but please get this checked out anyway. Capsular contracture is generally characterized by a tightening and hardening of the breast that can be painful. The breast may also elevate.

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You picture does not show capsular contracture

your pictures do not show a capsular contracture.  Capsular contracture is when implants feel hard, and can develop pain because of the tightness.  It is ideally diagnosed on a physical exam, not by looking at the breast skin

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Bleeding causing capsular contraction

Thank you for the picture. I'm not quite sure what that is in your picture.  This small amount  will not lead to capsular contracture. A large amount of blood must fill the space that occupies implant to potentially cause a capsular contracture.

Is this capsular contraction?

Your appearance is consistent with inflammation causing edema (swelling) in the superficial skin layers which has been caused by the excess blood.   Hematoma or heavy bruising does leave you at increased risk for capsular contracture, but at this point impossible to predict outcome. I would consult with your surgeon on their return, and it does  not appear from the picture that there is something that needs emergent attention, but without an in person examination, cannot be certain.

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Is this capsular contraction?

Very hard to respond over the internet without in person examination... Guess waiting that week is necessary.Good Luck and follow up info appreciated. 

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Breast augmentation

Without an exam, it is difficult to tell you whether or not you will develop a capsular contracture. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

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Breast augmentation healing

You do have an unusual looking skin condition of that area on your breast. I am not sure what this is but does not look like capsular contracture which is a scar around the entire implant that gets tighter over time. Show your condition to your surgeon.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
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Is this capsular contraction? (photos)

Thanks for your question.

Capsular contracture can develop after breast augmentation with breast implants.  However, to diagnose the condition, a physical exam is necessary to feel the thickened firm tissue.  If a capsular contracture has developed, it is not something that needs to be treated emergently.  It would be okay to wait a week to discuss your concerns with your surgeon when they get back.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes!

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