Can I have capsular contracture within 10 days of surgery?

I had breast augmentation about 8 years ago and about 10 days ago I had them replaced because my left breast had capsular contracture. The implants this time are under the muscle. Today while showering I felt the same bubble on the left side of the left breast as I felt before the surgery( that time the bubble was more in the top center) . I would like to know if it's normal. I am so worry. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks a lot.

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Bubble in breast

That kind of question is going to need a physical exam by your surgeon to best answer what is going on.  Having said that, capsular contracture usually happens months to years after breast surgery not days.  More likely what you are feeling is the side effects of having recent surgery.  Go back to your operating plastic surgeon for an examination. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Capsular contracture at 10 days?

It is extremely unlikely to have a capsular contracture develop that fast. Usually during the early post-op period the tightness is from the  muscle spasm.

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