What treatments are there for a sagging lower eyelids and are there preventative treatments?

I am 19 and I know its early to think about this but I was wondering what can be done about eyelid drooping due to age. It looks pretty annoying to deal with and I also wonder if there are any preventative treatments, like maybe having them reinforced with plastic somehow or sewing them with clear thread. I presume it is caused by stretching due to yrs of gravity. I would like to avoid this.

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What treatments are there for a sagging lower eyelids and are there preventative treatments?

In general, preventative treatments for facial aging include sunscreen, minimizing sun exposure, abstinence from smoking, a healthy diet, and a good skin care regimen that includes retinol or tretinoin.  Besides that, genetics and age are the primary drivers of skin aging in the lower lids.  When lower eyelid aging becomes bothersome, non-surgical options such as filler can be used to disguise the tear trough deformity.  Surgical options include fat transfer to the lower lids, or a lower lid blepharoplasty.  I would recommend that you consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Preventing Eyelid Aging

Unfortunately there is nothing specific that can be done to prevent eyelid aging over time. In general, avoiding sun, abstaining from smoking, and living a healthy lifestyle often helps to prevent many of the skin related aspects of aging. Early use of skin care products (vitamin C, fuit acid creams, among many other options) and preventive peels/microdermabrasion can also add longevity to skin health.

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