How Many Deep FX Treatments Are Necessary to See Results?

It is claimed that one treatment is satisfactory while I have had 3 times now in the past 3 months and the results are not satisfactory. Can I see more improvment if i keep on having more deepfx or there will be no difference no matter how many times I do it?

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How many DeepFX treatments are necessary to see results

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In general, the best results are seen after multiple treatments.  You can get about 10-15% improvement per treatment so the end result is usually about 30-40% improvement after 3 treatments done a month apart.  It depends largely on what type of skin problems you have.  DeepFX can help with wrinkles and acne scarring and pigmentation but it really doesn't work on skin tightening or laxity.  If those are your issues, then doing more than 3 treatments might give better results.  But if you're expecting vertical lip lines or nasolabial folds to improve or bags under the eyes, it really won't work well on those areas.

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