How Many Treatments is the Limit?

I've just done 4 treatments of fraxel restore,spread about 2 months intervals,a little effect to my acne scars.I wanna to be continue,can I do fraxel restore more than 10 treatments?or there is a limit?

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Fraxel Restore can be done without a finite limit

Two months is unnecessarily too long a wait in between Fraxel Resotre treatments unless your schedule does not permit otherwise.  I find that every three to four weeks, latest, is the best for the most aggressive settings on a Fraxel Restore laser for acne scarring.  I encourage my acne scar patients to have at least six treatments in one session. If their acne scarring is very severe, then we can continue, but if their scarring is moderate and we see a lot of success after the first few, we continue for six and wait six months and then resume if needed.  I have been very pleased with the great success of Fraxel Restore for even severe acne scarring but remember, that no matter what device or technique is chosen, there always is scarring that persists. The skin can never be made to look like it was before the acne developed. Read some of the reviews on CitySearch and Google from my patients that have had this treatment and love their results.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel sessions

I do not believe that there is a limit to the number of Fraxel treatments one can receive. With that said, I generally will not do more than six sessions in a row. At which point, I insist that the patient wait about three to six months for collagen remodeling to take place. At the six month mark, a patient can choose to undergeo another series of 6 sessions, each done 2-4 weeks apart. In the original trials of the Fraxel laser which I conducted in 2002-2003, we conducted a study where we divided patients into two groups. One group received treeatment every 2 weeks and the other every 2-4 weeks. It appeared that the patients receiving treatment every 2 weeks had more favorable results, however, the statistical analysis was not significant. THat said, I am still a firm believer that clinical outcome can be improved if sessions are grouped further together than apart.

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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