If the Time Between Laser Treatments Isn't Consistent, Does It Affect the Outcome?

I had 2 laser treatments done and then stopped, if I pick up again with more treatments will this affect the results since they haven't been consistent? I stopped for different reasons, therefore would like to know if i my two treatments have gone to waste or everything will continue working normally?

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Length between laser treatments

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This largely depends upon how long it's been between the treatments (i.e., months, years...) and what you were treating to begin with (i.e., facial veins, redness, hair reduction). I wouldn't say the treatments you did went to "waste" by any means, but you shouldn't expect to get the same results as you would have had you gone consistently for the recommended timeframe. You may need to do a few extra treatments to get your desired results, but again, that's hard to say without knowing what you were treating and how much time went by in between.

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