What are possible treatments for narrow tooth space? (photo)

Hi doctors! I am a 33 year old male and Ibeen missing an upper premolar since my teens but resorted to wear flipper after several years. This causedthe adjacent moral to shift and tilt toward the space. Now i'm considering to get an implant but my ortho said it would be ideal to close the gap by moving the molar. She said the gap is too narrow about 4mm for an implant.

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Narrow Tooth Space

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To answer your question properly about a narrow tooth space and how to restore the tooth, I would need an xray image to see the position of the roots of the teeth on either side of the space.  There are options here using orthodontics (braces): 1) close the space, or 2) open the space by uprighting the molar back to where it used to be, then place an implant in the space.  The second choice of uprighting the molar would probably be the best since the upper teeth would  fit against the lower teeth like they used to be.  I would recommend seeing an orthodontist that works with an oral surgeon and dentist as a team  so all are on board for your best interest.

Harlingen Dentist

Narrow available space for dental implant

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it is difficult to see form the picture you have provided.  xray of the site will be very helpful to see if only the adjacent tooth crowns have tilted/ or the roots have also moved to make the gap small? 

also not clear in the picture, but you might need Bone grafting procedure to augment the bone in width for an implant.

in General we need at least 7 mm for an implant in this area),

1. sometimes space could be created by shaving the crown of the teeth on each side.  But given that you have seen an Orthodontist, this is probably not the option for you.   Probably, the crown and the root of teeth on each side have entirely moved/ tilted.  so option 2 is needed first:

2.  Using Orthodontic treatment to open the space.  your Orthodontist has decided that this is not the option for you?

3.closing the existing gap using orthodontic treatment. With advantage of no further need for bone augmentation/ implant.

4. 3 unit fixed bridge, this will involve placement of crowns /caps on adjacent teeth.  Not a very conservative approach if your teeth don't need to be restored.

5. no treatment. Which is always an option,  but with the risk of further shift in your teeth, and bone loss

hope this is useful
good luck

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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What are possible treatments for narrow tooth space? (photo)

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Any tooth replacement in this area will look smaller than adjacent teeth and not ideal. Your options are: orthodontic treatment to move molars forward and close the gap, orthodontic treatment to move molars back and create more room for a full size implant, or possibly place a mini implant without ortho. A bridge is another option but I would not recommend it.

Igor Kaplansky, DDS
Buffalo Dentist

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