Best Treatment for Vertical Maxillary Excess and Retrognathia?

I'm unhappy w/the lower half of my face. Had braces 2x. The area between my upper lip and nose is too long & protrudes too far. My lips don't meet w/out strain, and when I force it, my chin looks dimpled and stretched out. Consequently, my mouth is usually open - I breathe through my mouth and you can always see my 2 front teeth. Also my upper lip (not thin) disappears when I smile (though I don't have a gummy smile, just toothy). What is the best option for achieving facial balance - botox, orthognathic, or hypermobile lip repositioning?

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Consider orthognathic surgery

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The best treatment for a combination of vertical maxillary excess and retrognathia is to see an oral surgeon to consider undergoing orthognathic surgery.  Both of those above problems can be addressed through either mandibular or maxillary surgery.

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