Treatment for Even Tone.

I have a mixture of a few acne marks, some brown spots, some hyperpigmentation due to waxing hairs of my face. What treatment would you recommend to get a clear complexion with an even tone?

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Treatment for Even Tone

If you have hyperpigmentation as a result of waxing as a secondary process then a combination of Retinoids and bleaching agents would be post efficient.  If you have brown spots from the sun and acne marks, then a combination with chemical peels would yield the best result.  The process can take longer than lasers but if you have a darker complexion would make the most sense.  Remember to protect your skin with a high SPF.  You can also use Vitamin C and other serums to treat the hyperpigmentation as well.  When choosing a dermatologist please find someone with a great deal of cosmetic experience.

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Treatments for Making Skin Tone More Even

Based on your description, it sounds like you have hyperpigmentation (brown discoloration) secondary to prior acne lesions and treatments such as waxing. This is very common, especially in skin types 4 to 6 (darker skin types). There are several different types of treatments which can improve this hyperpigmentation including topicals (skin lightening agents such as RetinA and hydroquinone), chemical peeling and laser treatments. It is often a good idea to use topical creams first before doing chemical peeling or laser to prep the skin. Finally, strict sun avoidance or sun protection is advised as sun will darken all these spots.


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Treatment Suggestions For Even Skin Tone

Sounds like you have developed what is called PIH (post inflammation hyperpigmentation).  This happens when we have an injury, such as pimple/waxing.  The melanin that develops between the epidermis (skin's top layer) and the dermis (layer of skin beneath) is stimulated to increase the melanin production in the melanocyte.  Our practice usually handles these problems by first introducing the proper combination of medical skin care products to lessen the amount of melanin production before possibly advancing to laser or chemical peel treatments.  IPL laser or deep chemicals like TCA (triachloracedic acid) as well as fractional lasers are additional possibilities for you if the product route is not completely successful.

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Melarase AM and Melarase PM to reduce dark spots on the skin

I would recommend the Melarase AM and Melarase PM products to even tone and reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin. Surgery90210

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Treatment for Even Tone

Depending on the severity, laser resurfacing may be your best bet. For more minor cases, skin care including retin a and hydroquinone such as Obagi are useful.

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Treatment for Even Tone.

We offer the DOT Co2 for laser resurfacing.  We are seeing great results with this newer technology.  You can do research on line to view before and after photos.

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Fraxel Dueal for Acne Scars, Brown Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Fraxel Dual is ideal for addressing the areas of concern that you mentioned. This laser system uses the 1550nm and 1927nm wavelength which can modulate structures and pigment near the skin’s surface and in deeper layers.

For acne scars, the Fraxel Dual laser energy turns into heat which deliberately wounds the dermis. And this prompts it to produce healthy new collagen fibers which fade out the acne scar tissue.
Brown spots and hyperpigmentation can also be treated by Fraxel Dual.

In these cases, the laser energy breaks up pigment and specialized skin cells which contain melanin. The body then eliminates the remains as waste, resulting in a clearer, more even complexion
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Laser resurfacing improves acne scars and discoloration

One of the best options for the improvement of uneven tones, texture, and scars is laser resurfacing.  There are several resurfacing options, including those with little to no downtime all the way up to aggressive options with weeks of downtime.  Most often, I will choose a non-wounding (aka non-ablative) laser such as the Fraxel Restore Dual.  Over a few treatments, my patients will see improvements.  The treatment is not painful, but the downside is a few days of pink, dry flaky skin with each treatment.

Robert T. Anolik, MD
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Brofwn spots & Acne Scars

Most people, like you, have a combination of problems causing skin unevenness in color and tone.  Unfortunately, hyperpigmentation is treated differently then acne scars but fortunately there are options for both.  I agree, for hyperpigmentation: stay out of the sun and start prescription skin care (the most important products are Retin A or equivalent and 4% hydroquinone).  Once you have done the topicals then move on to a laser treatment. 

The treatment for acne scarring is very dependent on what kind of scar it is but usually involves some kind of combination of lasers, pinpoint placement of a strong chemical peel and/or fillers.

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Brown Skin Spots

To treat hyperpigmentation and brown spots, you need to start with medical grade skincare with active ingredients.  I found that the most effective skincare isn't one that's made to fit all...I prefer customized medical grade skincare that is made to suit your needs and the needs of your particular skin.

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