What Treatment is There to Correct Injection Site Scars?

I used to be a Heroin addict and ended up injecting under the skin on my bum cheeks and the back of my legs which have left awful scars that are more like round burns, very deep and very close together. Is there anything that can be done about it as that was a long time ago and my life is so different now but i can't wear shorts or go to the pool, there's just no hiding it. I thought about make-up or tattoo's, although i don't want that, but don't know if they would work either. Thank you.

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Heroin injection scars can be improved with different techniques

It does depend on how they look but the scars could either be excised or subcised. Excision means cutting them out and subcision can mean elevating the scars with needles and other instruments to get the scars to become more level with the surround normal tissue. Lasers could also help them look better. 

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