Treatment for Saggy Cellulite Legs

I am 40 years old and although the rest of me is aging quite normally, the skin on my upper legs is saggy and thin and appears much older. I am not over weight; i excercise regularly; and the shape of my legs is fine but the sagginess really spoils them. Is there any lazer treatments I should consider?

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Treatment for saggy cellulite legs

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NOTHING really works on a re producible basis that gives a statistical significant result. Keep searching for that "holy grail". We all want to find it.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Treatment of sagging cellulite skin of the legs - thighs

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Without a face to face examination or even a photo it is difficult to say what would be best in  your case. There are many noninvasive treatments for cellulite that have been advertised. I have not been very impressed with any of them. Given the right patient and doctor some may be valid. The problem is there are different types of cellulite amenable to different types of treatments but many doctors and patients group them all together. As a surgeon I am biased towards the surgical tightening approaches but again that depends on the patient and the specific type of cellulite. In some patients I can get enough thigh lifting through a tummy tuck procedure with a specific design of the skin excision to suffice. Others do better with a belt lipectomy and some I would not operate on because the minimal severity of the sagging thigh skin does not warrant a large operation.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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