Treatment for Reducing Scar While Healing?

Twelve days ago, my 2 year old son was attacked by a dog and sustained severe lacerations to his left facial cheek. To reduce scarring, our Dr said to massage mederma into the scars 2x/day and keep the skin out of the sun (or use 45 SPF).

Is the most aggressive treatment plan for reducing scarring at this stage? Would it be better to massage the mederma as instructed and also use silicone pads? Is there a product that is better than mederma, such as dematrix or medscar?

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Listen to your doctor

Kids heal wounds very well. All of those scar creams that you mentioned are basically the same. There is no magic cream. All they do is speed up the process of scar healing and maturation. At this stage, your best bet is to keep your son out of the sun and continue using the scar cream.

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