Treatment for Post-Fraxel Restore Brown Pigmentation

I have had 6 fraxel restore treatments and am now suffering from brown hyperpigmentation. It's been over two months since my last fraxel and have been using pigment sirum every day and keeping to a strict post-treatment routine to avoid pigmentation. I am going in for another fraxel to FIX the pigmentation CAUSED by fraxel. What settings are the best to treat this kind of problem? Also, what else can I do aside from the extra fraxel treatment to treat the brownness that has arisen? PLEASE HELP

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Melasma or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

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Dermatologists will use a Wood's light to determine if the pigment is superficial or deep. If you didn't have the darkening prior to the Fraxel treatment, then this is new pigment and probably superficial and not melasma. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is usually temporary but can take many months to go away with strong lightening creams with hydroquinone (but some react to this and it then worsens the darkness!) chemical peels, or Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Dual and other lasers. This type of pigmentation can be quite common of a reaction and stubborn to treat. Make sure you use an excellent sunscreen and sun-protection techniques. Discuss the risks of the procedures with your doctor.

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Hyperpigmentation After Fraxel Restore

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Many use bleaching creams for hyperpigmentation after laser treatment. 

I advise my patients to use NIA-24 skin strenghtening moisturizer twice a day after facial washing.  Fraxel Dual is an excellent laser for the treatment of brown pigment.  The settings should be conservative. 

Good luck and be well.

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