Treatment Period of Hydroquinone for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I'm Asian with dark brown skin. How long do I need to use 4% Hydroquinone for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for acne?

Also, if I get a salicylic acid peel for acne, how long do I have to stop the Hydroquinone before getting the peel? Thanks.

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Hydroquinone for skin hyperpigmentation & dark spots


Hydroquinone should be used for several months to adequately treat hyperpigmentation & dark areas of the skin. Treatment duration largely depends on your response. You should also be avoiding the sun & using appropriate sunscreen to help minimize skin darkening. Depending on the cause of hyperpigmentation, sometimes the dark areas return once patients discontinue hydroquinone. These unfortunate patients need hydroquinone for longer periods of time.

Salicylic acid peels are usually superficial peels, with recovery within a few days. Every skin care specialist has a slightly different pre & post peel regimen. Generally, you should stop all topical skin treatments for one week before the peel, and may resume once fully healed from the peel. Best of luck.

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Hydroquinone cream is good for acne discolorations

Acne discolorations are traumatizing to so many dark complexed patients and the use of hydroquinone creams are very slow to improve the condition. If you get a few salicylic acid peels this really helps to kick start the lightening process and you can use the HQ up to the time of the peel and start it again 1 week later. Be sure to use sunscreen also.

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