Treatment Options for Giant Keloid on Childs Back

child had an untreated burn approx 1 yr ago. keloid is 12 x 25 cms. causes constant itching. child is 34" tall, weighs 25 lbs.

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Giant burn scar

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This inflamed burn scar can be treated without radiation. Regimented pulsed dye laser and IIT for 12 to 24 months will improve the scar considerably.  I am very optimistic about this child's future.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Very Difficult Problem

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This is a very difficult problem.   Radiation may be a viable option, and I would ask your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about that.  For smaller keloids, intralesional steroids can be used to flatten them out and help with the itching.  For a keloid of this size and in a child, it is proably not the easiest option.  Perhaps treating the areas that itch the most with some intralesional steroids.  I would be very cautious if any practioner recommends excision, as you may find yourself dealing with a larger keloid.  I would also consider going to a tertiary care facility (local medical school), as they may have better resources to help you with this. 

Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon

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