Which is Better Treatment Option for Me...ICL or LASIK?

i m 25/F Asian(Indian) with myopia in Right eye -6.0 D & astigmatism -1.5 D;Left eye -4.5 D & cylindrical sight -1.5 D. My corneal thickness in one test shows Right eye-491 micron meters,Left eye- 496 micron meters; and in other test(ORB scan)Right eye-513 micron meters and Left eye-511 micron meters. i dont have any other medical complications. fundus examination also revealed normal results.my doctor advised that ICL is the only option for me. But i m scared about surgical risk..help me

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They are both excellent options.  I would recommend that you get examined by a machine called the pentacam to fully asses if you are a candidate for corneal refractive surgery or not.  The ORB scan is a little dated and may not give your doctor all the information they need.  

They numbers you provided are just a small piece of what goes into determining candidacy.  Ultimately an exam is the only way a doctor will be able to give you reliable advice.

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