Would Vein Treatment for the Legs Interfere with Glaucoma Treatments?

my meds for glaucoma are Istalol and Travatan Z. Just wondering if this treatment for spider veins in the legs (mid-thigh to ankle) would interfere with the eye meds?

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Glaucoma treatments not related to vein therapy

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No relationship and no contraindication - however, be judicious as if you have a slight limp and have a patch on your eye, it may be best to have the one taken care of before the other -- 

Sclerotherapy will not interfere.

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Sclerotherapy will not interfere with glaucoma medications.  To be absolutely certain, find out what sclerotherapy solution would be used and confirm it with you eye doctor, but there should be no problem.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

Will Sclerotherapy interfere with glaucoma meds?

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Travatan Z is a prostaglandin F 2α analogue.  It works by increasing outflow of fluid from the eye.  The most common side effect of the drug is eye redness after instillation.  There are no contraindications for it's use (reasons not to use it) and it will not react with any of the sclerosing medications used today.


Craig Crippen, MD
Kelowna Physician

Sclerotherapy would be safe

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Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective and safe treatments for vein removal. There is no problem with any glaucoma medications. Look into Asclera, the newest sclerosant option and it is painless!

Sclertotherapy should not affect glaucoma medication

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Check with your ophthalmologist, but after your doctor tells you what sclerosant they will use to inject your veins, I doubt the eye doctor will find that there is any report of interatction from these small volumes of liquids injected into the veins with your glaucoma medicaiton

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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