Specifics About Post-Lipo Aftercare? (photo)

I've read the generic advice about treating the contour irregularity that can occur 2ish weeks post-lipo: massage, compression, activity. But I've also read warnings about being too aggressive with any of these. I'm confused about what specifically I should be doing for it. Massage: Light/lymphatic or deep? How much/often? Compression: How many hrs/day, & when (at night vs exercising)? Activity: How much exercise is ideal - before it actually promotes more swelling & lumps? Thank you!

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2 weeks after surgery its normal to have irregularities, after 3 weeks you can start messaging the areas pretty aggresive. Continue to use your compression garment for at least 2 months after surgery. Your sweeling will last up 6 months. Please continue to see your PS that did the procedure for your after care.

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Specifics About Post-Lipo Aftercare?

Yes you should be confused because each surgeon has their own post op lipo protocols. Best to follow your surgeon's post op lipo care ONLY, not some doc over the internet who has NEVER seen or examined you. 

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