Possible Treatment for my Birthmark? (photo)

I have what I believe is called a congenital hairy nevus and I would like to know the best treatment to remove it and will there be any scarring considering its my face. Thank you!

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Birthmark removal.

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Depending on the size of the birthmark, it can be surgically excised with one or two surgeries. If the birthmark is too big it is advised to remove portion of it and several months later remove the rest of it. It will give you better contouring results with less deformities, especially on the face. Sometimes it can be safely excised in one procedure with advancement flap closure. It should be decided at the time of your visit to PS.

Removal of black birth marks (giant hairy nevi)

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The best way to remove this would be direct excision with advancement flap closure. This is a fancy way of saying - moving your skin closure after removal so that you scar is less noticeable. Lasers are generally not used and it is customary to send what was removed to a pathologist for analysis.

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