Treatment for Keloid Scar After Skin Grafting?

I got burned by firecrackers 12 years ago, and skin grafting was done on my injuries. Skin was taken from my thigh region and grafted to my thumb, hand, and legs. I have developed keloid scars since then. Is there any treatment for these scars?

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Treating skin graft scars with lasers

Pulsed dye laser may work to improve the scars from the skin graft.  In addition, Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM creams may improve color. 

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For keloids, stay with medical treatments and avoid surgery

Start with scar massage with firm circular motion on all the keloids 3x/day. See a board-certified dermatologist and start with intralesional steroid injection. In addition, there is some literature supporting usage of imiquimod and/or Cordran tape in between intralesional steroid injections every 4-6 weeks. Resistant cases may warrant intralesional methotrexate. Surgical revision should be done in conjunction with radiation therapy as a last resort as recurrence may be quite high.

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