Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Hallow Eyes? (photo)

I'm 40 and having hallow eyes. I have allergies and would not want to worsen it by derma fillers..please help.


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Juvederm and Restylane

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Hyaluronic acid fillers are excellent for treating around the eyes. There is very low risk of allergies to these products.

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Fillers for Hollow Eyes: Restylane

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In my practice in New York, dermal fillers, such as Restylane, under the eyes has become very popular to help with hollow areas under the eyes. Restylane is FDA approved, contain no animal protein (Limits the risk of animal-based disease transmission or allergic reactions). No allergy testing required before use. Restylane is a safe option for correcting hollow eyes – Hyaluronic acid based. I recommend consulting with a qualified doctor for correction of hollow eyes. If you do have allergies, allergies can cause puffy eyes, in which fillers are used to smooth out

Amiya Prasad, MD
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Restylane for Hollow Eyes

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Hello.  Dermal fillers are a great option for non-surgical revision of hollow eyes.  Did you hear from someone that demal fillers can worsen your allergies? 

What we have found is quite the opposite.  Those with allergies can get puffy eyes and using dermal fillers we can help to smooth the area underneath the eyes. 

Take a look at the before and after pictures of Restylane injections below to see some examples.  Our office is in Los Angeles and we can help with the issue you are concerned about.  We also offer a free consultation to start the process. 

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Lower eyelid hollowness

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Injectable fillers such as Juvederm is ideal, but the surgeon injecting must be careful no to over correct as it will look too puffy. I recommend to inject it in 2 stages 2 weeks apart to slowly correct your problem minimizing the risk of over-correction.


Dr. David Ellis

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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David A. F. Ellis, MD
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