I'm a 20 year old female, what is the best treatment for under eye bags?

I am a 20 year old female but I have had bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember. I want to do something to get rid of them but everytime I try to research for the best option to fix it people are referring to removing excess fat from under the eyes when my problem is that I do not have enough fat under my eyes creating the caved in look. I would go with a traditional blepharoplasty but Ive heard how the procedure leaves scars& can damage tissue. Which procedure would be best for me?

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Correcting Under-Eye "Bags"

This is a very common question at my San Francisco facial plastic surgery practice.
The skin beneath the eyes is very thin and gets even thinner with age. Blood vessels and muscles beneath the eyes may appear as dark circles. There may also be an indentation, as you describe — the tear trough — which creates a shadow. That shadow is intensified if "bags" of fat have formed under the eye, creating greater contrast between the areas of light and shadow.

To correct this, I use one of several long-lasting dermal filler options to fill in the indentations and minimize the appearance of bags and shadows under the eyes. For those with more prominent bags or excess, wrinkled skin, I may suggest minimally invasive lower eyelid surgery.

Watch the video below to see the difference dermal fillers can make, refreshing the eyes and reducing the appearance of bags. 

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Lower eye bags treatement

Thank you for your question.

Lower eyelid bags, circles, wrinkles, and discoloration are very common complaints, even in young patients like you. 

There are several surgical (e.g. blepharoplasty) and non-surgical (e.g. fillers, laser treatments, topical medications) options. The best option for you will require a detailed exam by a board certified plastic surgeon. Only after a full history and exam can the correct options be discussed.

With regards to your concerns for damage and complications from blepharoplasty it is important to discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

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Dr. Stutman

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Open fat grafting or fillers are an option for Hollow areas beneath the eyes

Thank you for your question.  If you have Hollow lower eyelids that you do not have I bags.  A photograph would help.  However if the problem you have is hollowness beneath your lower eyelids then open fat grafting or filler injections can help.  For more information on the treatment of Hollow eyes please read the following link:

Hear is the thing.

No photos, no actual physical examination, and we really don't know what you personal would like.  I hope you can understand that it would be impossible for any of us to provide you an answer under the circumstance.  You need a personal consultation with a surgeon who makes sense to you.  You are right that if you need volume no traditional lower blepharoplasty is actually going to help you scars or not.  Many things can cause what you might describe as a bag.  Obviously what we do for a bump caused by a herniated knuckle of fat would be different that for a ridge caused by your orbital rim.  What do you need?  At age 20 volume in the form of carefully performed under eye Restylane is probably the answer for you until you reach into your thirties.

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Bags under eye. Dark circles under eye

Bags under the eye is a common complain and actually one of the first reasons people seek facial plastic surgery . The cause for these bags may vary. Those who get them at a very young age sometimes have an allergy component . In those cases , treating the allergies is helpful. The youthful lower eyelid forms a smooth uninterrupted curve from the eyelashes to the cheek. Eyelid bags intuit riots this curve creating a line of light reflection ( mountain) adjacent to a dark circle (valley) the contrast between the mountain and valley makes one look tired all the time. The treatment for this is to level the mountain or bags . From this illustration you can deduce the treatment options . One can surgically remove volume front he eyelid to month the bags. Alternatively the valley can be filled in to make the bags not look so pronounced . Sometimes a combination of the 2 approaches is needed . when there is lax skin, it is either trimmed or tightened.

for young patient with mild bags, filling in the valley is a good option. This can be filled with either injectable synthetic fillers or with fat. 

Kofi Boahene, MD
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