Treatment for Extreme Bruising 3 Weeks Post Op Submuscular Breast Augmentation After Pectoral Muscle Pull/strain?

2 weeks post op I pulled or strained my left pectoral muscle when reaching up for a bath towel. I experienced severe pain which hurt when talking or breathing. My left implant instantly pushed up to my upper chest/shoulder area. 3 days later after following dr's orders the surgeon was pleased with my recovery. 2 days later i reinjured the muscle. I had pain and soreness but 3 days later I got dark bruising on the inner and underside of left breast. Surgeon suggests anti-inflamatory (Singular)?

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Extreme Bruising 3 Weeks Post Op Submuscular Breast Augmentation

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I use Arnica tablets and cream along with anti-inflammatory drugs.You seem to have torn some of the muscle fibers along with nominal bleed from capillaries.It will heal in 2 weeks time and if the bruising is too much I would give prophylactic antibiotics to my patients.I would also suggest you to consult your surgeon.

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