Which is the best treatment for Dermal Hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm 22 years old. Five years ago in age 17 I noticed one morning that I had kind of brown mark on my left chick. It looked like it came out of nowhere. Since then I have tried many types of skin lightners also the "Gold Standrad" - hydroquinone 4 percent cream, And nothing helped. I have two questions. 1. Is Pixel CO2 Laser is Effective against Dermal Hyperpigmentation? if not Which one is the most Effective. 2. Is skin lightner is not effetive Because it's deep?

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There are a variety of treatments for hyperpigmentation, from at home prescription hydroquinone to laser treatments. The Pixel Co2 is way to invasive for pigmentation, you may want to consider something less invasive. Here some other option that you may research and consider (alway consult you doctor before making a decision):

  • Fraxel ReStore
  • Vi Peel
  • Vi Peel Precision
  • Nd YAG laser (Cutera Laser Genesis or Aerolase LightPod Neo)

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