Best Treatment for Facial Vascular Scar After TCA Peel?

Following a 35% TCA peel done at home with no aftercare, redness developed around my cheek bones and temporal regions and it still remains. This is now 3 years later. The redness BLANCHES when you press on it. Upon blanching, the skin is a normal pigmentation. Is this a vascular scar? If so, 1) what is the best laser to treat this and 2) how do I go about finding the best person for this? I have no tan and use sunblock daily, spf 70. 33 male. Skin type 2.

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Red scar treatment

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A laser that targets the red color is ur best option. Tunable dye laser, Nd-YAG laser , or KTP laser are all good options with excellent results. IPL may be another option. I personally prefer the lasers. It may take 1-3 sessions, about 6 weeks apart.

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Lesson learned?

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At home medical procedures are NEVER a good idea. You would get improvement with a pulsed dye laser, or an IPL, and maybe a Fraxel Restore. The earlier you get these types of complications recognized and treated the better. After so long, it might be permanent. One of the main reasons to get it done by a qualified physician is she/he will recognize a complication early and mitigate it.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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