Deep FX for Edema Swelling Under Eye?

I had an eye injury that has caused the tissue under my eye to swell. My doctor tells me it is an "Edema" caused by damaged tissue. I am wondering if Deep FX laser would help treat this problem or if there are any other known treatments?

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Eyelid Swelling after Trauma

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Deep Fx, or any other resurfacing laser will not help eyelid swelling go away.  The body has to do this by itself.  If it hasn't disappeared within a month or two after the injury, there may be damage to the lymphatic drainage system or internal scarring that is preventing the fluid from leaving the area.  A photo would be helpful, as well as more information about the injury, the repair, and the timing.  In some instances I have successfully eradicated swelling with injection of hyaluronidase.

Providence Oculoplastic Surgeon

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