Deep FX for Edema Swelling Under Eye?

I had an eye injury that has caused the tissue under my eye to swell. My doctor tells me it is an "Edema" caused by damaged tissue. I am wondering if Deep FX laser would help treat this problem or if there are any other known treatments?

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Eyelid Swelling after Trauma

Deep Fx, or any other resurfacing laser will not help eyelid swelling go away.  The body has to do this by itself.  If it hasn't disappeared within a month or two after the injury, there may be damage to the lymphatic drainage system or internal scarring that is preventing the fluid from leaving the area.  A photo would be helpful, as well as more information about the injury, the repair, and the timing.  In some instances I have successfully eradicated swelling with injection of hyaluronidase.

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