African American Chemical Peel for Dark Spots and Oily Skin?

I am African American and have very oily skin and dark spots that I would like to have removed. What is the best chemical peel or procedure for these issues and why? Need your professional help asap. thanks

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Chemical peels for oily skin

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There are a variety of chemical peels including peels that will help your oily skin, generally of the fruity acid variety such as glycolic or hyaluronic acid peels. It is extraordinarily difficult to treat dark spots on brown skin, and for this you must see a laser expert who has this kind of experience. Very few laser physicians are proficient in the safety of treating dark spots on brown skin. We have done extensive work in this area and have determined that is it not something that the novice physician should be trying. If you decide on laser treatment for the dark spots, please be certain the physician has extensive experience treating dark skin.

Melarase creams + Melapeels can help with discoloration of the skin

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Start with the basics for the treatment of facial hyperpigmentation. You should start by understanding the causes of the skin discoloration, including genetics, hormones, and the sun. Avoid the sun, if possible.
Begin with Melarase creams twice daily followed by Melapeels for the skin once monthly. If this does not significantly improve your skin complexion, you may discuss more invasive treatments with your physician.

You have effective options for treating dark spots and oily skin

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My approach to improve your dark spots would depend on the cause of the spots and what your comfort level or past experience has been with the treatment options available and appropriate for your skin type. As an initial step, optimizing your skin care routine at home is critical. It will help prepare your skin for any office procedures and facilitate proper maintenance of your results.

Chemical Peels remain a safe, effective and tolerable option to correct pigmentation in skin of color. Prepping the skin gives better results. Great peel formulations are available today that yield remarkable results in one treatment. Depth of penetration is usually not an issue in peels formulated for pigment control in skin of color.

Laser color-blending is available. This is a non-invasive, pain-free way to even skin tone. It has the advantage of minimizing pores and stimulating collagen to tighten and smooth the skin. In properly selected patients fractional laser resurfacing can be very effective. The risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation is slightly higher than the other procedures I have mentioned.

It is important that you seek out a specialist with experience with skin of color, and who has the treatment options you are comfortable with. Good Luck.

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