Is CO2 Laser Treatment Dangerous when Combined w/ Remicide and Actemra?

my wife has been receiving remicade treatment for 3 years and now doing actemra every 2 months. she wants to do laser fractional co2 treatment. would this be dangerous is there a greater risk than other patient?

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Risks of Fractional CO2 & Immunosuppressives

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Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing creates a significant wound and there is real risk even in healthy patients, so patients on immune-altering medicines may be at greater risk.  Still, these risks could be minimized by performing a less-intense treatment with less power-to-tissue by altering the wattage or the density.  These less-downtime settings are becoming commonplace for people who cannot afford to miss work, but still want the excellent benefits of these wonderful lasers.

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