How Much Would a Treatment Cost?

I have tooth pick scars on my cheek and forehead , and of course it has red marks. I looked up some treatments and i saw the pulsed dye laser treatment . i live in maryland and were wondering how much a treatment cost . and if so , are there any cheaper treatments i can go for that will also help my scars go away ?

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Scar Removal

You will likely need a combination of vascular/v-beam type treatments, and some fractional type of laser.  Your skin type will dictate which laser and how aggressive the skin can be treated.  There is fractionated CO2, Erbium, Erbium glass, and others.  Go to the most skilled laser operator, in your area, CBPS or BCD who knows how to treat scars.

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Lasers are not a treatment for ice pick scars.

Because of the deep nature and strong collagen bonds in the deeper dermal layers of the skin that contributing to your ice pick scars, I would not recommend laser treatments.  Especially not the pulsed dye laser because it targets blood and capillaries/inflammation/blood vessels are not the problem with ice pick scars.  

In my opinion TCA CROSS is the only method that is effective for remodeling ice pick scars.  I found that they remodel the scars so that they are more amenable to fractionated ablative resurfacing at a later time.  You can see one of my other posts regarding this treatment.

Good luck and stay away from the pulsed dye laser, it will not do anything.

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
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Ice pick scars are very difficult to remove. They are often full thickness and cutting them out is not always an improvement. I have had some limited success with the Erbium laser ans topical steroids.

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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How much would a pulsed dye treatment cost?

if you have ice pick scars, then save your money. they will not get better with the pulsed dye laser. if they are red, consider topical silicone to accelerate maturity of scars.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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