Which Treatment Should I Choose to Improve my Jowl Area? (photo)

Since there are so many treatments available I am just confused which treatment I need. I will be thankfull for your suggestions!

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Limited incision lower facelift the go-to option

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I would agree that the number of potential treatments for the manifestations of facial ageing can be bewildering.  From my standpoint, one always strives to offer patients solutions with predictable outcomes.  In your case, and for this specific area, a well-planned lower facelift will provide the most predictable result.  This could well be achieved by a short-scar technique.  There are other less invasive options, but none would provide as durable and as natural a result.

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Treating the jawline jowls

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Your jowls are mild for sure.  Nevertheless the very best way to treat them is with a well performed facelift as this will not only eliminate the jowls, but it will also elevate the cheeks that caused the jowls, restore volume in the cheeks and tighten the neck for a harmonious rejuvenation. Of course the result you get depends on who does it.

Any other treatment is just a temporizing measure and won't do as much.  For that mode of therapy I'd just use a little Restylane in the prejowl depressions and good skin care.

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